Marin Transit Connect is a partnership with the ridesharing company Via that allows riders to request a shared shuttle directly from their phones. 

You can use the Connect service to make a complete trip within Northern San Rafael or connect to fixed route transit service for travel outside of the service area.

Marin Transit Connect provides passengers curb-to-curb pick-up and drop-off service. To use the service you must schedule your trip by calling 415-454-0902. All trips must start and end within the Service Area. The bus will make stops at any safe location within the eligible service area. Everyone is welcome to use this service.

Service Hours


7:00 am - 7:00 pm


Riders can download the Marin Transit Connect app powered by Via's technology on their smartphone or work with Marin Transit Travel Navigators to request a ride. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 415-454-0902. Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance. Same day reservations are accepted if space is available.


Rides are free of charge during the beginning of the pilot program. Customers can support the program by providing feedback via the app.

Service Area

Marin Transit Connect serves an area of Northern San Rafael stretching North to South from Smith Ranch Road to North San Pedro Road and East to West from Gallinas Creek/Osher Marin to the western edge of Terra Linda.

This map depicts the area served by Novato Dial-A-Ride. The area contains the entirety of Novato, as well as San Marin, Green Point, Bel Marin Keys, Hamilton, and Ignacio. The service area connects to local routes 35, 49, 71X, 251, 70, 101, 58 in Novato and 49, 251, and 257 in Hamilton.


Transfers from Marin Transit and Golden Gate Transit service are accepted on the Dial-A-Ride vehicles by showing driver valid transfer. Passengers can make free transfers to Marin Transit fixed route services.