Volunteer Driver

The STAR and TRIP volunteer driver programs empower older adults and people with disabilities to remain independent by providing a mileage reimbursement for their friends, neighbors, and other community members who provide them with rides. 

STAR and TRIP do not provide a pool of volunteer drivers, but rather allow the rider to find their own trusted driver and provide a mileage reimbursement. A caregiver (IHSS workers qualify), friend or neighbor may be a driver. You can have more than one driver and we encourage you to do so.

Trip purposes are not limited under the STAR and TRIP programs. Participants may receive door to door assistance and companionship for medical appointments, shopping, classes, family visits, or even a meal and a night out.


To qualify you must:

  • Live in Marin County AND
  • Be over the age of 60 OR be under the age of 60 and have been approved for Marin Access Paratransit

Mileage Reimbursement

STAR (East/Central Marin) riders are reimbursed at 35 cents per mile up to 100 miles per month.

TRIP (West Marin) riders are reimbursed 40 cents per mile up to 400 miles per month.


STAR and TRIP riders are responsible for finding their own volunteer and arranging their ride. If you would like assistance identifying potential volunteer drivers, Travel Navigators are available to help you consider your options.

If live in West Marin and need assistance finding a volunteer, West Marin Senior Services (WMSS) is able to help. Once you are determined eligible for the program, call WMSS at 415.663.8148 x 103, to request help finding a ride.

Contact Information

Have more questions? Contact our Travel Navigators:
(415) 454-0902
weekdays, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Interested in starting your own community based volunteer driver program? Email us:

Other Volunteer Driver Programs in Marin

A variety of community-based organizations and services providers operate their own volunteer driver programs that match riders with drivers. To learn more, visit the websites below.


Whistlestop’s CarePool program offers free volunteer rides to medical appointments or grocery shopping for eligible clients, providing “door-through-door” service and extra support, such as un-
loading groceries. Optional mileage reimbursement for volunteer drivers is available. Eligible clients must be Marin residents and 65+. To sign up for CarePool, call 415-454-0927 or
email carepool@whistlestop.org.

CARSS – Call A Ride for Sausalito Seniors

CARSS provides free rides for seniors 60 and older  anywhere within Sausalito, the floating homes community and Gateway Shopping Center (CVS, Dollar Tree, Ross and more) Monday through Friday 10am through 2pm.

These trips can be for any purpose as long as they remain within the boundaries of Sausalito and the floating homes.   Riders will be requested to fill out a simple application prior to their first ride.

For more information please call 415.944.5475 or visit their website.

Sausalito Village

Sausalito Village matches volunteers with Village members to help them with a variety of tasks or needs, including volunteer driver trips. Membership is required.

Marin Villages 

Marin Villages matches volunteers with Village members to help them with a variety of tasks or needs, including volunteer driver trips. Membership is required.